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International Orphan Relief Foundation (IORF) is a 501 (c) 3
 Helping Childern Around the World. 
International Board of Advisory
 Yvonne Dardenne 
 Jim Graydon
 Jackie Graydon
 Shaker & Maie Abukishk
 Khaled Abukishk
 John Bell
 Vickie Winkler

Special Advisory 
Colette Barnes

Honorary Members 
Mayor Elihu Harris
Mayor Robert Bob Taylor
Peabo Bryson 
Rhonda Hill

Youth Advisory
Emma Chand
James Flowers lll
Shaddin Abukishk
Surah Abukishk

Board Members 
Claudette Naturel
Elihu Harris   
Johnny Staton

USA Board of Advisory
 Dr. Martin Elliott 
Dr. David Goldschmid
David Staton 
Jane Behring
Shelia Wells
Debra Willis
Allen Payton
John Lewis
Maureen McNally 
Linda La Rouche 
JoAnn & Jim Klement
Colette Barnes
Lawrence Barnes 

"Help one child and make a difference"
Claudette Naturel- Staton is the CEO of Key Realty, a real estate company established in 1997 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Key Realty manages, lists and sells real estate properties for both individual and corporate clients.

She has served in leadership positions for the City of Brentwood,  as a  Planning Commissioner, and Brentwood City Council Member. Claudette received a bachelor’s degree from Cheyney University and law certificates from the University of Pennsylvania. She lives in California and has one son.

Claudette is the Founder of the International Orphan Relief Foundation . She is also the Director & CEO . 

Johnny Staton is the Co-Founder of Metz Entertainment Group formally known as Staton Productions , a entertainment company established in 1993 in the San Francisco Bay Area .
Metz Entertainment provides music and artist management services .

Prior to his distinguished career, Johnny served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army. He currently serves on the boards of the International Orphan Relief Foundation. He holds a degree from San Bernardino College and attended Redland University for Music.

Claudette  and Johnny Staton founders of the International Orphan Relief Foundation
                 Our awesome Volunteers