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International Orphan Relief Foundation (IORF) is a non profit 501 (c) 3 
Tax ID 20-4970949

Did you know ?

28% of people receiving 
emergency food are children.

Hunger is one of the most severe roadblocks to the learning process.

In 2016 
East Contra Costa County 9.3% of the Residents are below the poverty level

 In 2017

40.0 million people lived in food-insecure households.

9.7 million adults lived in households with very low food security.

6.5 million children lived in food-insecure households in which children, along with adults, were food insecure.

540,000 children (0.7 percent of the Nation's children) lived in households in which one or more child experienced very low food security.

2018 marks the Eleventh Years of the International Orphan Relief Foundation Gift Giving Program. Our program distributes to local families in need throughout East Contra Costa County. 

Over the last ten years, our Holiday Gift Giving Program has provided more than 3,800 families with holiday food gift cards ,toys and new children pajamas. Financial gifts are collected year round for this Holiday Gift Giving Program.  

It is through your generous support that we are able to touch the lives of so many families struggling to earn enough money to live without getting into debt during the holiday season. No gift is too small, so please be as generous as you can. All monetary donations are tax deductible.

Please make checks payable to: "International Orphan Relief Foundation" . 

Mail to:
    International Orphan Relief Foundation (IORF)
     2420 Sand Creek Rd C-195
     Brentwood, CA  94513  USA
     Office:    925.516-4518

Holiday Gift Giving Program 
Kids Pajamas Program 
Back to School Backpack Program
  Every year we purchased backpacks and school supplies to distributed to kids in the area. Donations are accepted all 
  year long for this program. Your donations are greatly appreciated.
  Mentorship Program
Over the last couple of years, we have helped the students in schools learn interviewing techniques which  includes     some of the following: 

    -How to dress for interviews
    -Mock interviews​
    -Resume writing
"Help one child and make a difference"